Sunday, 20 August 2017

Crafting Fun.

Henry, Lewis and Peggy Sue had fun with crafting yesterday afternoon.  Well Peggy Sue played with her new little dolls while Henry and Lewis made some crafts!

They were rather proud with their results.  

Lewis and Henry proudly show off the puppet and train..


Peggy Sue admires their work.

Ollie is very pleased with his little duck and had fun pushing it around.

Can we make some more puppets please?  Lewis asks.


These kit sets were designed by DollMum and you can find the Playthings for Dolls she sells on her blog.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

PostCards from the USA.

Henry was thrilled to get some postcards the other day from his friend Laura who has been travelling around America.  He is excited about adding them to his postcard collection.

Do you want me to show you my postcards Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

Yes please.  Peggy Sue replies.

This one is from Niagara Falls.  I went there last year, it was such good fun, but you get very wet!

Shall I read you what Laura writes? Henry asks Peggy Sue.

Oh yes do Henry.  Peggy Sue says.

"Dear Henry,
I've so much fun in the USA and I've been to so many places.  One of them was Niagara Falls!  We went on the Maid of the Mist boat tour like you did and it was really thrilling.  And very wet!  Love Laura xx"

Oh wow, sounds like she had lots of fun.  Peggy Sue says.

I'll show you the next one.  Henry says.

This one is from Gettysburg National Military Park.  I bet that was great fun to visit.

Laura writes:  

"Dear Henry, 
At Gettysburg we walked around town.  One house had a cannon ball stuck in the wall!  The town itself was like a museum as there were information boards everywhere telling stories of different households.  On the next day of visiting Gettysburg we went to the National Military Park where we say different places of different parts of the battle.
Love Laura xx"

Gettysburg sounds a bit like town I visited in Parkersburg back in 2013 - it was really interesting with the boards telling us about the town.  Henry tells Peggy Sue.

That postcard looks interesting Henry.  Peggy Sue observes.  Tell me what Laura writes about this place please. 

"Dear Henry,
I went to Boston!  We went through the city and inbetween all the tall buildings following a route called the 'Freedom Trail'.  We also visited Paul Revere's house.  He rode to warn the colonists about the British.  We also visited Luisa May Alcott houses and they were beautiful and very interesting.  
Love Laura xx

Wow!  Henry says.  Mum taught  the Sailor all about Boston and Paul Revere and other things when she was home-educating him. They studied American History.  I can't wait to tell him that my friend Laura has actually BEEN there when he gets home from sea!  It just have been such super fun. 

Fancy that.  Peggy Sue says.  I would have loved to have gone to see where Louisa May Alcott lived.  That would have been amazing..  

Laura gave me some souvenirs as well on Saturday.  Henry says to Peggy Sue.

Me too!  Peggy Sue says.  What did you get?

I got this model to build.  Henry shows us.

Plus some interesting information about the Wright Brothers.

Wow, Henry.  That looks like it might be quite tricky to build. Peggy Sue says.

It does.  Henry agrees.  I might wait until the Sailor comes home to see if he will help me.  He is good with models...he builds lots of Lego ones anyway.  

But that is a long wait Henry.  He isn't coming home until the end of November.  Peggy Sue explains to Henry.

Hmm...says Henry...hopefully I can wait that long...

What did you get Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

I got these.  Peggy Sue holds them up to show them.

They are Guatemalan Worry Dolls.  Laura thought now I had a new brother I might have a few things more to worry about and that these might help. Peggy Sue tells Henry.

Why will they help?  Henry asks confused.

Well apparently if I tell my worries to the dolls and put them them under my pillow then my worries will all be gone by the morning!  Peggy Sue explains to him after she has read the little information sheet inside the package.

They are cute.

Perhaps Mum and Dad should have some of these!  Henry says.

Peggy Sue giggles... Perhaps!

They've got their own special bag to keep them in as well.  Peggy Sue says as she puts them in the little bag.  What else have you got?  

I've got this great Boston baseball.  I can't wait to play with it.

I also got given a craft kit to make up a duck on wheels.  But this didn't come from the USA, it was a craft kit from the Sasha Celebration Weekend that we were unable to attend.  Henry tells Peggy Sue.

I'm going to make this up today.  Henry says.  It shouldn't be too difficult.  DollMum writes good clear instructions.

That sounds like a good plan Henry.  Peggy Sue says as she gets out her dolls to have a play with them.

You can read about Henry's visit to Parkersburg here:  USA: Parkersburg and the Historic Julia-Ann Square

His visit to Niagara Falls here:  Niagara Falls Here I Come!

Laura's adventures in the USA can be found on Doll Mum's blog here:  Doll Mum's Blog  keep checking back as she has only just started to post about them.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Fashion on Friday

Gosh over two weeks into August.  My last 'Fashion on Friday' post was at the end of July.

The knitting needles have continued to be busy, although I think I may have to rest from knitting for a while as I have developed a sore left thumb!

Lewis has a new 'school' sweater, socks and I also made him a pair of shorts..

This sweater is For Sale and will fit both Gregor and 16 inch Schoenhut dolls like Lewis.

This sweater is sold.  I also made matching socks.

This sweater Lewis decided to keep.

This sleeveless sweater and cap was an order I knitted for a 18 - 19 inch Schoenhut doll, so is shown on Hamish my KnC boy.

A beret was also ordered, which is being modelled by Anne-Marie.

Classic white cardigan

Modelled by the lovely Sophia

Also modelled by Peggy Sue

This cardigan is for sale and available to purchase.

Another cardigan, this time in a pale blue.

Modelled by Sophia

and by Peggy Sue.

This cardigan is SOLD.

I knitted Peggy Sue a cardigan with a variegated blues and light purples.  She can be seen wearing it in the Pinball post and at the Summer Picnic posts.

I have also knitted a lovely turquoise cardigan but that is waiting on some buttons.

In preparation for the Sasha Festival next year I also have a project underway for my hostess gifts - I am being positive in that I am planning that I WILL be pain free enough to go.

Because knitting might be irritating my thumb I thought I would do some sewing and as I had sold the last of my Kiwiana Summer Beach shorts for the Gregor boys I thought I would make some more up.  I have made 14 different pairs of shorts!

Henry is modelling a couple of pairs.

These are the rest.

They are all available to purchase, either through my Etsy Shop, or direct from me (at a slightly reduced rate if happy to pay via paypal using 'friends/family' payments).  My email address is on my For Sale page :)

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Introducing Rebekah Grace Schoenhut

Several months ago I had the opportunity to buy a friend's doll that I had often admired.  I had her sent to another friend's house in the USA so yet another friend could bring her home with her after the Sasha Festival that I had originally planned on attending, but had to unfortunately cancel.  It was so nice to think I was having a 'treat' come home from the Festival, especially having both missed that and having since had to sell several special dolls.  It seemed a long time waiting, or at least if felt like it!  Finally she arrived home here on Sunday on the day of our Summer Picnic. 

Not normally one to show pictures of myself on this blog, I decided as both Jocelyn and Doll Mum had taken photos of me unwrapping the doll I would post them.  

Unwrapping her...

My surprise...

at just how petite this little Schoenhut doll is.

I just couldn't get over her size.  

She came with a wonderful wardrobe of clothes, two pairs of shoes and a stand.  It is so nice to get a doll with a ready made wardrobe!

Doll Mum had dressed her in this pretty blue dress, as she had just been wearing her underwear.

Which was uncannily similar to Peggy Sue's blue dress that I made her a couple of years ago.

Peggy Sue makes the little girl feel welcome.

This doll dates from the Classic period - April 1912 - 1916.  She is from the 100 Series - "Carved Hair" Girls and  is model 14/105.  The 14 indicates her size in inches. This 105 doll first appeared in June 1912 in a 'Playthings' advertisement.  Her ribbon was either pink or blue and this girl has a pink ribbon.  Eyes would have been either blue or brown, and she has brown eyes.   I am guessing my doll was one of the earlier dolls.  

The bright sunlight doesn't show her to her best advantage here, but she wanted to show her red vintage dress off.

I think she is going to be called Rebekah Grace...but probably Gracie for short.