Monday, 24 July 2017

Five Years Ago Today

I'm just not up to doing much with the dolls (or anything else for that matter!) at the moment so I thought I would do a 'This day....' type post.  So today's post five years ago can be found by clicking on the link just below the picture...

Henry visits Fritz

Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Game of Cards?

Peggy Sue and Lewis were up early this morning.  It looked like it might be a wet day so they started the day with a game of cards...

It is your turn Lewis.  Peggy Sue says.

They seem to be enjoying their game, and I am pretty sure Peggy Sue might be winning.

Peggy Sue holds hers discreetly so Lewis can't see them.

Lewis on the other hand, is blithely unaware that all can see his cards!

I think Lewis will need to 'hold his cards closer to his chest' in order to play with Peggy Sue.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Fashion on Friday

In June I took part in a 'Math for Minis SAL+KAL or CAL = Big Fun Challenge on Ravelry.

I used this challenge to make a wardrobe for a little Madeline doll I was going to send to a friend's grand daughter in New Zealand.

I am not sure how many outfits I made in the end, or rather how many different outfits can be made out of the lot,  but several are 'mix and match' and reversible.  

A sleeveless dress

...which of course needs a little cardigan for when it gets cooler.

A long sleeve dress

Yellow sunshine dress.

Blue sky dress

A little apron is always handy.

A skirt and a top

Trousers and top

Underpants are always necessary!

Knitted undies.

A little top

which can be worn with a skirt

This top is fully reversible.

I made a little cardigan that can go over it, 

The cardigan also doubles as a top.  Plus socks were made.

The pink top also can be used with trousers.

I knitted a little blue one as well.

The blue an also go with the blue reversible sleeveless blouse and denim skirt

Or equally well with the pink side.

All the little items made.

Madeline dressed.

In the case ready to go...

All wrapped up and posted!

I haven't heard whether this has arrived yet, although am suspecting it must have as it was posted two weeks ago, but unfortunately they are currently on holiday!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sewing on Sunday

Thinking about quilts for doll beds, I dug out a couple of my quilting books the other day for inspiration, but then realised I had a tin of hexagons partially sewn together and waiting to be sewn that were given to me a few years back.  (Actually I have four different groups of hexagon sizes that I have sewn over the years but will focus on these for now.)

I didn't like the way these hexagons had been sewn together as there didn't seem to be any real pattern to it so have unpicked some of them and am now resewing them together.  

Various colours

I have left some of the groups of three that were sewn together as is for now and starting to sew flowers.  I have been working out the colour combinations as seen in the above photo - random, but within a loose colour scheme.  So far two are finished, the yellows and the purples to the right of the picture. I would have liked a more 'boy orientated' colour scheme, but as these are already cut out and partially sewn it seems silly not to use them first.  I wonder if it is too ambitious to aim to have at least one doll bed quilt finished using these before the end of the month?

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Loving the Warm Sunny Weather

Everlee found the only bathing suit the girls have...the early bird catches the worm and can sunbath it seems!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Feeding the Guinea Pigs

Henry enjoys the guinea pigs, even though they are nearly as big as he is.  

He especially loves to feed them whenever he gets the opportunity....

Dallas enjoys a piece of cucumber.  Dundee thinks he might be missing out on something, so approaches.

Yummy, a piece for him as well.

Henry returns a little later with some more and Dundee is there!


Edited to add:

Found the photo of Henry feeding Posy a few years ago now.  Click here to read.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Partner in Crime?

Lewis seems to have found himself a friend...or is it a partner in crime?

You mustn't carve with the blade towards yourself.  He explains.

Is this how you do it?

Not quite, watch me.  

Lewis demonstrates 'whittling' with the blade going away from his body and not towards.

He is watched intently.

I think I have the hang of it now.

Some time later...Oh look, Henry's coming....Lewis says to Donny.

Donny quickly hides his hands.

Hey guys, what are you up to?  He asks.

I haven't got your pen knife.  Donny blurts out as he holds his hands behind his back.

I mean I don't know where your pen knife is...he stutters out...trying to correct himself, not realising it is too late he has already given the game away.

Hand it over Donny.  You know you are not allowed to use a knife after last time.  Henry tells him.

Donny looks a bit forlorn.  But Lewis was showing me how to use one safely.  He explains.

I'm sorry, but I need it.  Henry informs him.  

Donny hands over the pen knife.

Oops....Lewis thinks, it looks like they may be in trouble.

Thank you.  Henry says.  Please ask next time.

You don't think he will tell Peggy Sue, do you?  Lewis asks Donny as Henry walks away with his knife.

I don't know.  Donny replies.... Probably not, otherwise he would have said more...I think he is just busy, he had his work apron on.