Wednesday, 17 January 2018

An Un-boxing.

An unboxing is always fun, and it has been some time since we have had one here....

Peggy Sue and Lewis are intrigued....

Ooh, can you hear noises?  Peggy Sue asks Lewis

I think so.  Lewis replies.

Gosh, something is moving in there.  Peggy Sue gasps.

Is anyone there?  Peggy Sue asks cautiously 

Here, I'll help you.  Gosh what a way to travel.  Lewis says as he helps Peggy Sue get the 'mummy' out of the box.

With their help, the 'mummy' is freed and it isn't a mummy at all!

I'm here!  She says.

You certainly are.  Lewis replies.

Who are you?  She asks.

I'm Lewis.  More importantly....who are YOU. He asks.

Why, I am not sure....but I have travelled a long way, and it is a bit warmer here than where I left!  

Peggy Sue looks stunned.  You are kidding me!  She says. It is not very warm here.
Oh I can assure you, it was much colder where I have come from. The new girls says.

They sit down together.

All I remember is lots and lots of snow, doing a few limbering up exercises and then all of a sudden I am wrapped up and put in a box.  Oh and where is my little doll companion?  She asks.

Fortunately her little friend was close by.  

They chat for a while and then Peggy Sue goes to find her some clothes to borrow until she has something of her own to wear.

That is better!

Welcome to Rose Cottage little one.  We look forward to learning your name.

Thank you to the lovely lady who allowed me to adopt this girl - she came from the same home as Lewis, although they never met!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Perfekta Dolls

'Little Miss' my childhood Perfekta doll has gathered some friends over the last year and I thought it was about time I wrote a post featuring them.  Of course at this time of year the light is atrocious, so getting decent photos is rather hit and miss, mostly miss, so these following pictures will just have to do until we get better light.  I have tried doing searches to find out more information on these dolls but found very little.  Almost all searches just come up with Pinterest links now, and I am still not really sure how that works.  I did find one page dedicated to them, and you can see some more of their original outfits here.

These two brunettes are in original outfits and one pair of original shoes.  The girl on the left has a 'pony tail' hair style whereas the girl to the right has a full centre parting and so can wear her hair in bunches or pigtails, depending on what terminology you are used to.

These two also have original dresses on and fortunately one also has original shoes - I wish I could find some more shoes, or even shoes that fit!  The blonde has a centre part and probably wore her hair in braids (plaits) from what I have been able to find out, but her hair has been trimmed.  The little girl in the purple outfit has lovely soft hair in a bob style.

I think this is also probably an original outfit, but not entirely sure.  Her hair is a little better than my girl, it is not quite as 'woollen' 

Little Miss, my childhood doll in clothes I made for her a couple of years ago now.

These little dolls are from the late sixties early seventies and five inches tall.  I may have had more when I was young as I very vaguely remember giving some dolls away when we had to move, but I am not sure if it was these dolls or not.  I certainly kept one if I did have others.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Creative 2018

Sasha, Emily and Sophia got changed out of their Christmas dresses today and wanted to show what they chose to wear - actually they didn't have a lot of choice as it was too wet to go down to the studio to get the majority of their clothes, so they had to make do with what was available!  

One of the things I want to do this year is make more things.  I did a LOT of knitting last year, and a little sewing (not as much as I would normally do) and not a lot else.  As I am still not allowed to knit, I need to find other creative outlets.   One of the projects I have had in mind is to further develop the 'Schoenhut School of the Arts', starting with a science room.

Armed with the laminating machine and some printouts...

I fired it up and got it running...

...and made a start.

Lewis is quite excited about the prospect of a science lab.

We have been sorting through his trunk of clothing and accessories today, which will be the topic of another post and ongoing project, so he was pleased for some respite to help with something a bit more exciting.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Year's Eve Pyjama Party

How better to spend New Year's Eve than with friends.

A fairly simple event this year, they have already gobbled up all the food and are chatting before settling down to watch a movie.

Everlee and Nisha are deep in conversation

Someone has fallen asleep already!  Dorothy is resting up on Chrissy's lap.

Perhaps she is going to wake just before midnight?

Some lively discussion about what to watch.

Sienna Saige chats to Peggy Sue

Looks like I caught Anne-Marie's eye when I sneaked up to take these photos of them.

Will they all make it to midnight or will more fall asleep like Dorothy?

2017 - The Year that was...

Summing up the year...

Changing to just the one blog has certainly made things easier for me, although I have probably lost some followers along the way.  I had 35 on my 'How Many Dolls' blog and 79 on 'Sewing for Sasha' so well short on this new one.  But who knows how many of those followers read the other blogs?  Perhaps they had stopped reading, or perhaps they are 'following' some other way that I am not aware of?  

Some highlights of my year were getting some new Schoenhuts, with Lewis becoming a firm favourite.  I love them all for differing reasons though.

Rebekah Grace, is so petite and sweet.

Lewis of course has been a lot of fun.

Dorothy, is a dear.  

Archie (Archibald) is simply handsome and he sits on a chair in my bedroom and I see him every morning when I wake up.

Sweet Madeline featured quite a bit earlier in the year, and I enjoyed taking her to New Zealand with me, but she has taken a back seat the last few months as I had to 'pack away' her house and lodgings and as such she is not so easily accessible for play.  The Rose Cottage Hittys have also been packed away and I do miss seeing them all and their house set up, so perhaps that will be something I resurrect in the new year.

I was gifted two wonderful Bleuettes during the year - well actually a Bleuette doll and a head, for which I eventually purchased a body and these two girls will always be very special to me.  They are good friends for Hazel.  I enjoyed making their matching dresses.

I bought two Suki dolls, one that was already painted and one to paint, and I really like these dolls.  Similar in design to  Sasha, Sebino Bettina and Crissy dolls.  

The girl I painted.

I was very good this year, with only one new Sasha, or rather Gregor doll joining us here at Rose Cottage.

'Jesse' a lovely red-headed boy arrived to take up the role of the Sailor Boy in my nautical group, thus freeing up Rory for interacting with the other lads in my stories.

Although I have been attempting to 'downsize' throughout the year, by selling and gifting some of the miscellaneous dolls that weren't getting the attention they should, sadly towards the end of this year it became apparent that I would need to take more drastic measures and sell some of my more special dolls in order to raise funds for continuing medical treatment for the pain issues that have escalated this year.  My American Girl collection has dramatically reduced and I am left with just two, Chrissy (Chrissa) who does the modelling for me and Saige whom my son bought me as a surprise birthday present a few years ago now, plus one that is still looking for a new home. Sadly I have also had to sell some of my precious Sasha dolls, and I still have some looking for new homes, and they can be found on my 'For Sale' page.  This has been the hardest thing to do, as it wasn't something I wanted to do, but rather something I have had to do.  I have also been selling off some of the props - albeit slowly and they are listed on the 'Props For Sale' page.

What is in store for 2018?  I have made no plans for the next year, what will be will be.  

Saturday, 30 December 2017

A Day at the Circus

It is wild and windy out today and those lazy days in between Christmas and the New Year.  

Peggy Sue and Lewis decided to play circus games today.

They had fun setting it all up

Lewis wanted to work with the ponies.

Peggy Sue acted as the lion tamer...

The elephant was already well trained

and knew just what to do.

The acrobat showed off her skipping talents.

They had a lot of fun and it kept them busy for hours.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Puzzles on a Wet Day

It is pretty bleak outside today.  This morning it was very windy with snow flurries and now it is just plain wet and grey!  The perfect way to spend such a day is inside in the warm with a puzzle.

Lewis and Peggy Sue decide to do one of the Wentworth Christmas puzzles.

I think we need a board to do it on.  Peggy Sue suggests.

Good idea, agrees Lewis.

A few minutes later they have made a good start.

Little Owen helps them, whilst Duffy the bear looks on.

It doesn't take them long...

Almost finished, just the novelty character pieces to put in.

Let's give Little Owen a clap for helping us.  Peggy Sue suggests.

Thank you for your help Owen.  Lewis says as he gives him a clap.

What a fun little puzzle that was.