Sunday, 10 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Ten

The area surrounding the Advent calendar is a hive of activity this morning.  

Thomas is excited that it is finally his turn to have a go at opening a door.

He has a look to see if he can spot the number ten.

Here it is!  He cries.  It is a BIG door as well!

Caleb comes over to have a look.

Rory is oblivious to it all as he is absorbed in playing with the scene whilst watched by Henry and Gwilym.

Look, I wonder what is in here?  Thomas holds up the package to show the boys.

Rory suddenly realises what is going on and gets up to have a look.

A fishing rod and some fish - cool!  Thomas says.

Now the pirate and seagull won't go hungry.

Thomas gets down to set up the fishing rod where he thinks it should go.

Looks like the pirate might be cheering and watch out that seagull is going to take a fish if you are not careful.

Well that was good fun wasn't it boys?

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Nine

Edward and Francis are deep in conversation and don't notice Gwilym approaching to find out if it is his turn to open the Advent calendar today.

Hi there Wil.  Henry and Donny greet him.  Glad you have come along as it is your turn to open the calendar today.

I thought it must be.  Gwilym answers them.

He looks carefully to see if he can find door number nine.

Aha! Here it is.  Gwilym says

In he reaches.

Look!  He pulls out the little package attracting Edward and Donny's attention as well.

I can make fire!  Just like magic.  He says.

The boys take a closer look intrigued and then realise he is just tricking them.

I think I will put it down here, he says.

Looks a good place to me.  

The pirate will be able to keep warm now.  Gwilym tells Henry and Donny.

He'll need to if it is anything like here!  Henry says back.

Edward and Francis have resumed their conversation.  

Looking good!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Eight

Hi Francis, how are things?  Henry asks.  While Edward practises his 'aren't I dreamy' look.

Pretty good.  Francis replies...would you like me to recite my newest poem?  
Um, perhaps later...I am sure you want to find the door for today.  Henry says with some well practised diplomacy.

He looks for today's door.

Here it is.

Opens it up

Pulls the package out

and in the blink of the eye has the little basket with fruit unwrapped and ready to place on the scene.

Look, some pineapple!  Must be a tropical island for sure.  Francis informs the boys.

I'll pop it down on the table.  Francis says while Edward gets a closer look.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Seven

Connor and James were on the ball again this morning, up bright and early before the other lads.

It is James' turn to open the door today and it didn't take him long to find number seven.

He opens it up.

Reaches inside

Oh!  he is running away from me! 

Which of course intrigues Connor.

Look!  James says as he holds out his hand for Connor to have a look.

Oh my, a seagull!  Connor says.

James can't quite believe his eyes.

I pop him down here and then he can decide where he wants to go. Says James as he reaches down.

He wonders if the seagull will hope off his hand.

Fortunately he does.

He is a little quiet after being shut up in the calendar.

I am sure he will be alright soon.  Connor tells James.

The boys settle down to play for a while.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Advent 2017 - Day Six

Looks like the twins Connor and James are the early birds this morning and keen to open the Advent calendar today.

Can't believe the other boys aren't here already.  Connor says to James.

I know, aren't we the lucky ones?  I told you it pays to get up a bit earlier.  James replied to Connor.

It is looking pretty good isn't it?  James says as he and Connor have a look at how the scene is coming together.

Sure is.  Agreed Connor.

So who shall open the door today?  

I wonder who will find the door first.

There it is.  Connor says pointing out the door for number six.  I'll open it shall I?

Why not, I can open it tomorrow if we manage to get up early again.  James tells him.

Connor starts to open the door

That's it...

...reaches in...

and pulls out a package.

Ooh look.  He says as he holds up the little bag to show James.

Looks like it might be that canon the boys were talking about yesterday.  James says.

Look it most certainly is.  Connor shows James

Let's see if this little black thing fits... James says as he holds it up while Connor holds the canon.

Easy does it.

Brilliant!  A perfect fit.  Both boys say together.

I'm going to put it down here next to the barrels of gunpowder.  Connor tells James. 

Well that was a job well done.  Don't you agree James?  Connor asks James.

Most definitely Connor.  Replies James.