Saturday 8 May 2021

We Won a Giveaway!

In April I entered a fun giveaway on Instagram never expecting to win as my track record of ever winning anything is well pretty bad...but my luck was to change and I won.  I was so thrilled.

A lovely package of goodies arrived.

A beautiful card

All gifts were wrapped so prettily. 

Rose was excited as the giveaway was geared towards Smart Dolls and MSD 

Lovely hand written card.

First package contained something for Rose to wear.

Love this little school uniform type outfit, complete with headband.

A shirt for a male smart doll...I have an excuse to get one now if they ever produce them again!

What a fun little drawers.

Shall we see what is inside them.

Some very fancy shoes!

These shoes were also handmade by the talented Mimi who sent them.

These are MSD size, so I guess one day I will have to get a doll to fit them ;-)  but in the meantime they look great as display items.

Also included was a bag from the Mirai Store in Tokyo.

What a lovely lot of goodies.

Rose looks good in her little outfit.

A big huge thanks to the generosity of Mimi who can be found on Instagram @moomoo_mt

I love these gifts so very much and feel so lucky to have won them.


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