Friday 21 May 2021

An Unboxing - Santoro London Gorjuss Doll

For a few years, I have been debating whether to get a particular type of doll with just one main thing putting me off. I look at them on and off but often the price puts me off and then the other day the price really dropped on one of them, and one I had been keeping an eye on.  I checked the price on camel camel camel and it was the lowest it had been at under £35 so I decided to take the chance and order her figuring if I really didn't like her I could always return her, or sell her on later.  She has since dropped in price even further!  So without further ado, let's do a box opening.

Said box waiting to be opened.

Opening up the box and inside is...

A Paola Reina Santoro London Gorjuss doll.

Her box was inside a plastic bag.

The box is lovely

A lovely sentiment written on the back.

Beautiful shoe box type packaging.  No ridiculous hard plastic that you have to cut into and risk injury getting into her.

She comes attached in the box nice and simply with two little elastic bands and a hair net over her head.  So beautifully presented.  Just how doll packaging should be.

This is the type of fixing.  There was one round her neck and one round a foot.

Removed from box, I am immediately struck by her scent of Rose and Honeysuckle.  The smell is quite strong initially so anyone who has a sensitivity to scents should beware of this, although several days later the scent has lessened significantly.

She is very cute, and I love her outfit and little pigeon toes.

Her hat is held on by one of the dreaded plastic ties that go into their head, and whilst I really dislike these immensely I can understand why they have attached it, and fortunately there is only one, unlike a doll I unboxed the other week which had FOUR!

Comparing her to Madeline who also has simple features.  

It is the lack of mouth that has made me hesitant to purchase her...perhaps too much watching of Sapphire and Steele when young and a particular episode which was a little 'scary'.   I figure I could always add a mouth if it becomes a problem, I have seen others do this.  But in reality it is not as 'bad' as I thought it would be.  There is actually something quite appealing about the very simplistic features.

Comparing her in size to my Paola Reina doll Dasha.

I believe they can share the same size shoes.

I just adore her little outfit, it is so beautifully made, although it does have the dreaded velcro on the back so care needs to be taken when taking the clothes off so it doesn't catch on the knitwear or netting underskirt.

Her little feet!

I forgot to photograph her fingers and toes, but she has four fingers and four toes on each hand and foot.

She photographs beautifully.

I just adore her outfit.

I am pleased with her, especially considering she was £20 less than most of the other Gorjuss dolls and is one I would have wanted to choose anyway.   I am very impressed with the quality of dolls that come out of the Paola Reina factory.  They are all so well made with beautiful clothing. 

Her name is Little Violet and I am keeping that name. 



  1. She reminds me of the Joan Walsh Anglund cloth dolls from the 1960's. I've found that a little cuticle trimmer works well for cutting those plastic ties.

    1. Someone else said they were good for cutting the ties, I will have to get one.

  2. Congrats on your new doll! I've seen these all over Instagram, but never realized that they were made by Paola Reina. She's cute, and her outfit is adorable. She also reminds me of the Joan Walsh Anglund dolls.

    1. Thanks. I didn't realize when I first saw and heard about them that they were made by Paoloa Reina either, only in the last year I guess. She is very nice and her clothes are gorgeous...or should I say gorjuss? ;)

  3. I've often looked at the Gorjuss dolls on-line, and been tempted, but I'd really like to see one for real to be able to make up my mind. I'm not sure I'd been happy with a nose-less and mouthless face though.

    1. Haha, I wasn't either...I'm still not entirely convinced about the no mouth, no nose face, but she is definitely very nice in person and so beautifully made. I will have to do an update in a month or so how I feel about the noseless and mouthless situation.


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