Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Yellow Challenge - Some of the Little Ones

So it is not just the Sasha dolls that are getting in on the Yellow Challenge, but also some of the smaller ones as well.

Vera borrows one of Madeline's dresses and admires the flowers in the garden.

It is nice to find out different dolls can share the same clothes.

Madeline, always bright and cheerful, looks especially so in her yellow dress with these yellow blooms.

Nancy enjoys an outing with Teddy in her pretty yellow Easter dress - she didn't get a chance to wear in NZ as we had left it behind fully expecting to be back by Easter, so she couldn't wait to put it on once we got home.

Sindy Capers, has found herself a smart mini dress to wear with her yellow boots,

while Kiwi Sindy (the doll I found in an Op shop in NZ much to my delight) is off doing some bird watching and photography.


  1. All of the outfits are adorable! My favorite is the first one, the one Vera is wearing. I love the puffy sleeves.
    The girls are beautiful in the sunshine.

    1. Thank you. That is one of my favourite too. I was really pleased with how that dressed turned out. I really should make some more now I know I have other little dolls that fit this size.

  2. What a wonderful find Kiwi Sindy was!

    1. She was a great find for only $2! Made up for the truly awful night I'd just had stuck in a horrible hotel on the edge of a motorway that was noisy and stinky! But that is another story I might tell one day.


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