Thursday, 30 May 2019

Yellow Challenge - Cora, Baby Grace & Emily

This trio of beauties wanted to also join in on the Yellow Challenge and have found some pretty yellow dresses to wear.  Cora is wearing a fun dress made for us by our lovely friend DollMum.  Emily is wearing a dress that was one of the table hostess gifts at a Sasha Festival and she really rocks it I think, although her hair adornment doesn't really go, she doesn't care as she thinks it looks pretty.  Baby Grace is wearing one of my very early dresses I made.

Love these girls in their yellow.


  1. So many fabulous yellow outfits. Is it a favorite color to dress your girls (and boys) in?

    1. I'm not sure, it seems to be. I do like blue very much as well, but yellow seems to be such a cheerful colour and I am in need of bright and cheerful :)

  2. Yellow is a wonderful springtime color, and it always makes me think of my grandmother, as it was her favorite color (she called it "yella"). Lovely dresses, and I especially like the honey bee embellishments on Cora's dress.

  3. What a pretty trio. I love yellow!


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