Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Henry sets off.

Hmmm...looks more like a coffin to me.  Henry says to Rory.

No it doesn't.  Rory tells him.  It is the wrong shape!

Now, now Henry, don't be silly, we have all travelled in special 'compartments' just like this when we came here.  Peggy Sue tells him reassuringly.

Henry is not convinced...

...and rushes off.

Oh dear, I hope he hasn't disappeared.  Peggy Sue says.  He really does need to go and have his special surgery.  Where has he gone?

Fortunately Henry hadn't rushed off to run away...instead he had gone to get his special friend, Trojan Bear.

I just went to get Troji, he tells them.  He is my good luck bear, and he will come with me.

Good idea.  Peggy Sue says.  I always have Little Owen with me if I need protection and someone to keep me company.

He'll help keep your mind of your travels.
  Rory says.

Good luck Henry.  We all love you, and you will be back soon ready for lots of new adventures.  Peggy Sue says as she gives him big hug.  

All the best Henry.  Rory says to him.

Don't be scared.  We will all be thinking of you.

Henry climbs into his travel compartment.

There that is not so bad is it Henry.  Peggy Sue says.

It's okay I guess.  Henry says.


Henry has set off for his first BIG new adventure of the year.  A lot of big and little anxious people will be waiting for him and sending him lots of good thoughts and wishes.


  1. Good luck Henry, I’m sure your hair surgery will go well despite all those needles. Trojan bear will look after you. We’re all looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. Can't wait to see the new you Henry, I know you will look fabulous xx

  3. Bon voyage Henry! We will be thining of you. I hope you can be more excited than anxious/nervous.
    Lorraine, your sewing and knitting has been amazing this season. I so enjoyed seeing all you made. Also enjoyed the Advent calendar opening.
    Question, because we have five of the Playmobile calendars, what do you do with yours after the season?

    1. Thank you Julie, and also thank you for the wonderful card that arrived a couple of days ago, it is gorgeous. I love handmade cards very much.

      Good question! I have flattened the scene and the accessories are boxed up according to what year...but they haven't really been played with since...but perhaps will one day.

      What do you do with yours?

    2. I repackage them as an Advent Calendar. I wrap the pieces for each day in a small bit of plastic wrap and then put them back in their compartments. We open them again the next year. It’s not as fun as the first time, but they are like old friends now. Between the Playmobile and Lego calendars as well as a few others, opening takes quite a bit of time each morning. I’ve always thought about adding the pieces to our general collections, but at least for now haven’t.

  4. Safe travels, Henry! We're all thinking of you! DJ

  5. Good luck, Henry! You are off on an adventure. Your friends are wishing you well.

  6. I had tried to leave a comment on your last blog, but somehow, it did not work out. I just wanted to send all the good wishes from the crowd at Fern Forest to you and Henry. We are always following your blog, but we just don't have much time to post comments. I understand how frightening this must be to both you and Henry. I have seen other re-roots of Gregors, and it seems that they rarely look like the originals. Not that they are not nice, but I sense that re-rooting the boys in the original style that they were done in the factory is very difficult. They either turn out like Ross, which though nice, is still not the same, or they are turned into girls, which I don't necessarily approve of. To duplicate the original rooting of the boys' hair is more of a restoration project, I think, requiring much more attention to detail and time. We are all so thrilled that you have found a skilled preservationist that is going to work on Henry's hair surgery, and we can't wait to see the result. I understand poor Henry's nervousness, but he is such a special person, and so many people have gotten to know and love him through your wonderful blog. I know his restorer is going to take really good care of him. Good luck, Henry! Hang in there. We are all "rooting" for you here at Fern Forest.
    (Apologies for that little pun, Old Man. That was The Twins' idea. We really do care about you, and wish you nothing but the best. Greg) Courage to you too, Aunt Lorraine. We know this is hard, and we all love Henry too. (The Girls of Fern Forest). And from their Marmee: Good luck and courage. We will all be thinking about you, and our kindest prayers and wishes are winging your way. We know that it will be alright.

    1. You have got it exactly right and share my thoughts Elisabeth and yes it is more of a restoration project.
      It is very important to me that he still looks like himself, and as you say so many are either turned into girls or they are just not like they were originally. I completely agree with you. I do think it is very hard to make the boys look like they should, but have found someone who has managed with other boys, so I am very encouraged that she will do a lovely job with Henry. Thank you so much for your lovely message of encouragement and thoughts, it is very much appreciated indeed.

      If you could send me another comment with your email address in - don't worry I won't publish it. I would like to send you an email please. Thank you.

  7. It is indeed a shame that it has proved to be so much harder to re-root the Gregors with their short back and sides... but nevertheless it is much better to have this than to have to go round with large patches of missing hair showing to all and sundry.
    Luckily Ross's hair was only falling and thinning and so hadn't reached this stage before he went off to have his surgery.
    He was one of the first lads that I knew to have the full head procedure (rather than be wigged or partially re-rooted) and it was his choice to go long and blonde as he fancied a complete change. He has since told me, time and time again, that he has never regretted it.
    Good luck Henry!

    1. It is a shame isn't it Kendal. Would be nice to see more boys rerooted as boys, rather than turned into girls.

      Ross is the first boy I know to have had a reroot as well, and whilst Henry admires his look, we already have one long haired boy here (Francis) and Henry wanted to remain as close to his look as possible.

      He is have a full reroot as his hair is very fragile and continually falling.

      I believe he will be back this coming week!


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