Sunday, 6 January 2019

Creative 2019

This year I am hoping to be a lot more creative, whether it be through knitting, sewing, or writing blog stories, or some other craft.  To encourage the shift from 'buying' to using and enjoying what I have.  I am hoping to create at least one thing a day for the month of January.

While Henry is busy undergoing his 'surgery'  (I have been having regular updates, and he is behaving very well (of course) ) I have been knitting in the evenings for my Childhood Tressy doll.

First up I knitted this stylish grey dress, and made her a leather belt to go with it.

Next Day was a pleated skirt with polar neck top.

Apparently she wanted a swimsuit - very optimistic for this time of year!

Next was a classic dress

I started the 'shell' blouse for Sindy, but Tressy claimed it so I had to knit a skirt to match.

Then along came this set, and of course these two skirt and top sets can 'mix n match'.

Tressy is just so stylish and lovely to knit for.  It is good to be knitting again, and keeping things small, isn't so taxing.

I do have three orders to fulfil for Sasha and some Schoenhut dolls, and hoping to make a start on the first of those next week.


  1. I'm really pleased for you that you're knitting and sewing again - keeping it small is definitely a good idea to make it possible.

    1. Well that is the idea anyway - just need to pace myself :)

  2. Tressy will certainly take her place on the "best dressed" doll list this month. Her outfits are adorable.
    Hugs for Henry.

    1. She may well be!

      I am sure Henry will appreciate your hugs...he is 'between' surgeries at the moment ;)

  3. You have certainly hit the ground running with those knitting needles of yours Lorraine. .great outfits 👏

    1. Ha ha, winter is definitely the time to knit and I really missed not being about to do it last year.


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