Thursday 22 April 2021

A New Dress and a Doll Size Comparison.

I made a little Blythe dress today and thought I would see how many of my smaller jointed dolls it would fit.  I selected four and lined them up to compare body size.

From left to right:
Vera (Kruseling), Gigi (Ruby Red Galleria), Wren (Makielabs), Helen (Jecci Five)

It is interesting to see their different sizes, and will be fun to try on the dress on each of them.

First of all I tried it on Vera.  It fitted quite well, and is a good length on her, although the arm holes were a little tight. This was a surprise as she was the only one it was tight on.

Gigi tried it on next and it fits her well, although perhaps a tad too long.

Helen tried it on and it of course fitted her as I knew it would as I have used this pattern before.

Wren tried it on last. I gave her some new glasses.  Although I prefer her in black, she lost her original black ones, and the ones she was wearing in the top picture were a replacement pair, but they were always too big, and they just keep slipping and falling off all the time which is a shame.  The only other pairs I had that suited her were a blue pair and a white pair.  She chose the blue pair and is having a little giggle about them.

She also found a pair of blue shoes to match the dress and glasses.

I am thinking I might colour the white pair black as they too fit her and I do still prefer the black on her, but perhaps I just need to get used to the blue pair.  Shame the replacement black pair seem to have been printed at a slightly larger scale.

Anyway, it seems Wren won the trying on competition as she declared she wasn't going to take the dress off!



  1. that's really great if one pattern fits all!
    I've got a Kruseling but haven't made her any clothes yet as she seems so small compared to my other dolls and I worry it may be difficult to sew on such a small scale.

    1. I have a book with Kruseling patterns in it...but not even used it yet. I need to! I might make that a priority over the next week.

  2. The dress is the perfect length for Wren and her blue glasses and shoes work well with the dress, so I'm not at all surprised that Wren has commandeered it!
    Big hugs,

    1. It does look good on Wren doesn't it ?! :) She is looking forward to 'Wandering' again. Gosh it must be several years since I have done 'Wandering with Wren' posts!


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