Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Rory & Henry Outdoors

Rory was so pleased to be freed from his 'hibernation' box at long last.  He couldn't wait to go outside exploring with Henry.

They spent some time looking into the pond trying to find the fish.

Unfortunately they seemed to be hiding today.

They admired the snowdrops

and said hello to the resident owl, who was very quiet and didn't have much to say.


  1. It looks like the boys were having fun in spite of the fish hibernating. I am sure they will have more luck next time.

    1. The boys do enjoying being outside. We haven't seen the fish for well over a week now, so hoping they are just hibernating. Can't say I blame them the weather has been pretty grim at times.

  2. I imagine Henry is also glad that Rory is out of “hibernation”.


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