Friday, 21 February 2020

Henry & Rory's Friday Afternoon.

Henry and Rory venture out in the garden briefly this afternoon, although it is pretty chilly.

The are looking at the new growth of the 'big broad leaf rhubarb type' plant.  

Henry says he is sure he knows the name, but will check with 'Mum' when he gets back inside.

Sadly the fish are no where to be seen and they hope they are still hibernating and not that the heron has got them!

Inside in the warm, Henry has forgotten all about asking about the name of the plant and instead they decide to do a puzzle.

They have chosen a three little pigs puzzle.

They tip the pieces out and sort them out.

These boys seem extremely good at holding their bodies off the floor....I'd be collapsed in a heap by now!

Pieces sorted out the puzzle is starting to take shape.

Rory is looking for pieces while Henry studies the picture to see what pieces he needs to find next.

I think it is too big at the moment Rory, and he help push it together a bit more.

That is better

The puzzle is nearly finished!

Good work lads, looks like you just need to fit the character pieces now.

Henry grabs the scarecrow.

Last two pieces.

Rory has the last piece in the puzzle.

He spends a bit of time chatting to Henry about it.

Prolonging the finishing of the puzzle.

The final piece is in and Rory admires it from his resting place.

Suddenly he leaps up with the enthusiasm and springiness that youngsters seem to possess.

Ta da!  It is finished!  He declares in a not so quiet voice!

Three little pigs complete with butterflies and flowers.

So what shall we do now?  Henry asks Rory.

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  1. Well, it looks like the boys had fun indoors and out. It's wonderful to share fun activities with someone else.


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