Wednesday, 10 July 2019

For Sale: Lots of Dolls!

I have unfortunately going to have to sell my American Girl dolls (although I will be keeping Saige as my son bought her for me one year as a surprise birthday present.

I would prefer a 'Friends' payment via Paypal if at all possible, postage will be included in the price if happy to pay this way.  The dolls will be sent fully insured and tracked to protect us both.  My contact details are on my For Sale Page


American Girl Beforever, Julie Albright  £120.00 includes free postage if sent in the UK

Brand New in Box (only opened for photographs and then put back in box), with her book and boxed accessories which consist of sunglasses (unopened packet), flowery headband and bag.



Josefina - She doesn't have her original clothes unfortunately and can either come without clothes or I can find her something to wear to protect her modesty.   £75.00 includes free postage if sent in the UK


American Girl Doll of the Year 2009, Chrissa.  £110 includes free postage if sent in the UK

plus two books and her original meet outfit.


Other dolls: 

American Girl Wellie Wisher Ashlyn  £50 including postage in the UK
(sorry forgot to photograph box lid)


Glitter Girl Sarinia  £27 plus postage


Rarely seen in the UK, in as new condition, the gorgeous Australian Girl Doll Matilda, only taken out of box for photographs, comes with an extra outfit (plus her green striped t shirt which I forgot to photograph) and new jandals/flip flops/thongs, whatever you want to call them.

£150 plus postage.


A Girl for All Time  Matilda  £50 including postage in the UK.


Hearts for Hearts Shola, rarely seen in UK.  

£40 including postage in the UK


Vintage Ideal Velvet

£25 plus postage


Little Miss No Name

£150 including free postage in the UK


  1. Hi,

    Is your Matilda doll still available? I'm in the US so I know the price/postage would be different. Thanks!

    1. Which one? They are both still available. Email me please, address on The Dolls for Sale page 😊


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