Schoenhut Family

Anne-Marie - 22 inches Miss Dolly

Peggy Sue 

Peggy Sue: Schoenhut Miss Dolly 16 inches  My sweet companion, determined when she wants to be!

Little Owen:  Hermann Teddy Bear, Peggy Sue's friend and companion.

Edith:  Schoenhut Miss Dolly 16 inches tall - Peggy Sue's best friend.

Norma Jean - 15 inches Miss Dolly

Florence (Model 14/313)

Oliver William  (Model 14/312)

Astrid  (Model 16/307) Graziano smooth-eyed character (Made May 1911 - April 1912)

Model 16/101 'Janice'


Miss Dolly with Moving Eyes 16/317 c1921 - 1928

'Lewis'  Model 16/403


Archibald (Archie) 21/205


14/105 Rebekah Grace


16/301  Arrival post


Coming soon.....


  1. What a fantastic collection and excellent way to photograph them! The sepia tones and crinkled look all add to this gallery. Because I am relatively new to reading your blogs, I didn't know that you had all these beautiful antique dolls.

    1. Glad you enjoyed seeing them. These are my oldest dolls I think. I do have a three very tiny china dolls that may be older, I am not sure. I will have to photograph them at some stage.

  2. New to your blog and thank you for thesewonderful moments with you and family. You are incredibly talented with your story telling.

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely sweet comment.


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