My Childhood Dolls

Palitoy Walk & Talk - Linda & Palitoy Katy Kopycat

Picture of me with Linda.

Palitoy Tressy - Brunette (Replacement as mine got lost on a house move)




Pippa & Tammie

Sindy (Replacement as mine was given away when I was a teenager)


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Lorraine. I enjoyed sharing this part of your childhood.

    1. You are welcome. It isn't finished - there aren't more dolls, but a couple of soft toys I would quite like to add and I want to update the dolls with a bit more information so do check back at some stage ;-) Poor Skipper now has a new hand thankfully for example ;-)

  2. As a child I had a few baby dolls like tiny tears, but not tiny tears. I had a Barbie/Sindy like doll, but not a real one. I even had a blonde Sasha like doll who walked when you held her arm a tilted her forwards. She even wore a maxi dress similar to the Sasha dark green one, but hers was light purple and she came with the name Anne written on her box. There was once even a doll advertised on Kelloggs Cornflakes called Kelly, I had a like one of her whom I named Kelly. I gave them all away when I was a teenager :(

  3. I love visiting Rose Cottage.😊


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