Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Peggy Sue's Bookcase

Back in November Peggy Sue was planning a bookcase and wondered just how she was going to make one when her friend Reuben came to the rescue and said he would love to help make one for her if she would send him the measurements of which she had worked out.   She carefully typed up a letter which can be seen in this post here.

Well last week Reuben wrote to her and told her he had found the right materials and was hoping to get the pieces ready to bring round on Sunday afternoon so that they could make it together.  Peggy Sue was so excited to see Reuben and Laura, Timothy, Edmund and Isabel who also came for the afternoon. You can see Reuben getting all the materials and planning out the bookcase on this post by DollMum by clicking here.

Henry looks at the pieces of board with interest and asks Reuben a few questions as to materials and tools needed to make them.   Reuben explains just how the pieces were found, measured and cut to size.  Peggy Sue looks amazed while Laura, Timothy, Edmund and Isobel look on knowing just how clever Reuben is at making things.

Will these really make a bookcase? She asks.

Absolutely.  Replies Reuben.  Would you like to help me sand the edges to make sure they are really smooth?

Peggy Sue was delighted to be asked to help.  

'I'm  we're going to build a bookcase!' She says excitedly. 

We now have to glue the pieces together.  Reuben explains.

One the pieces were glued, the next stage was clamping the bookcase together.

Reuben, with Henry's help sets up the clamps and Peggy Sue and Isabel tighten the clamps with Edmund's help.

Not too tight, but just enough to keep the pieces firmly together.  

That should do it!  

They all go off to play for a couple of hours while the glue dries.

Reuben and the lads quietly went back to take the clamps off the bookcase and put a few books in it...

They call in Peggy Sue.

Late afternoon, Peggy Sue can't quite believe her eyes.

Oh my!  She exclaims.  This is just perfect, it is exactly how I envisioned it to be.

With a few books in it to check it out for size, Peggy Sue really can't quite believe her eyes.

We've actually built a bookcase!  You really are SO clever Reuben!

She rushes over to give Reuben a big hug of thanks.  Poor Reuben, is a little unsure, he is not used to the over exuberant  attentions of someone quite like Peggy Sue.

Uh, um...it was no problem Peggy Sue.  Reuben says slightly embarrassed.  

Peggy Sue can't wait to get it up in her bedroom and put all her books in it!

A big thank you to DollMum, DollMum's lovely daughter and of course Reuben, who made it all possible and his friends Laura, Timothy, Edmund and Isabel who was delighted to see her friend Wren, for such a wonderful afternoon!


  1. Well done everyone. The bookcase turned out beautiful! Those little clamps are amazing!

    1. Isn't it wonderful?! We just have to decide how we are going to finish it now...whether to paint, varnish or leave it as it is.

  2. Clever kids! And how great Peggy Sue wanted a bookcase - and not a larger screen for her playstation...

    1. Ha ha, she wouldn't need a larger screen for a playstation as she doesn't have one! -)

  3. What a great friend...and a great bookcase for your books, Peggy Sue. I'm so happy for you.

    1. A wonderful friend indeed. Thank you Happy.

  4. Fantastic story and bookcase, well done Peggy Sue

    1. Thank you - she couldn't have done it without Reuben's help though.

  5. Now Peggy Sue has the room to collect and store more treasures!

    1. No doubt she will too, especially if she is anything like me!

  6. I do believe you are a wizard, Lorraine; you make your dolls come truly to life! Those clamps are just the thing for tiny carpentry...where did the kids get them?

    This was the first thing I read today; a perfect way to start the day :-)



    1. The clamps belong to 'DollMum' who has an amazing workshop!

      Glad you enjoyed the post.

      And you mean my dolls aren't truly alive???

    2. We had to use some big clamps as the photos show because I only have 2 miniature sash clamps which I got years ago at a model engineers exhibition in London. I've had the 6 inch steel rule for years (we use a 24 inch one for big stuff and this seemed the right scale for Reuben, along with the miniature square which belongs to my husband.

  7. Plein de lutins roux pour assister ma chérie Peggy Sue!!!
    J'ai le jumeau de Ruben à Paris, il est gentil, mais il ne sait rien faire ;-)


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